Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gift Guide Part I: For Your Sisters Who Recently Moved to London, Are Currently Obsessed with 'The Big Lebowski', and Have Just Begun University

SORRY this is a bit latedue to a busy holiday season and travel plans (writing this from London--cheers!) I was a tad behind deadline. But better late than never, no?

1. Ariella Elovic Pet Portraits, $60 When they can't take their beloved dog Prada to college with them, hang this on the wall for the next best thing (almost).
2. Anthropologie Pop-Print Measuring Spoons, $25 To put that British cooking course to use, in the quaintest way possible.
3. Cute Tape Mini Vintage Floral Washi Tape, $2.50 The only way to decorate any surface, damage-free (aka a college student's best friend).
4. J. Crew Brushed Scarf, $72.50 Keep them chic and warm during those cold Boston winters.
5. Amazon 'London Style Guide: Eat, Sleep Shop' by Saska Graville, $22.69 The best technique for getting to know a new city? Eating your way through it.
6. Glossier, Phase 1 $80 Because everybody needs to jump on the Glossier train (I know I have…).
7. Vinca USA Arrow Studs, $16 A pair of simple gold arrows to decorate their ears.
8. Etsy Vintage Leather Bowling Shoes, $40 To up the game when she and her friends sip white Russians and refer to each other as "the Dude".
9. Pintrill Pin Hundred Classic, $10 Better than a text.
10. ModCloth Glitter Hair Ties, $12.99 To add a little sparkle to their day.
11. Lady Luna Small Laced Cuff, $125 Because when they aren't looking, you can steal it back.
12. Bobbi Brown Metallic Cream Eyeshadow, $25 For rambunctious office happy hours.
13. Paperless Post Party Invitation, 2 Coins To inform their guests the time and place of those cocktail parties they're going to start hosting.
14. In God We Trust Leather and Knit Gloves, $115 A gorgeous color combo and a genius fix to the biting chill that attacks that naked bit of skin between the gloves and coat sleeve.

Stay tuned for more! (T-minus 4 days!!)

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