Monday, September 23, 2013

"Blank Walls Are Criminal" -Banksy

I am not allowed to mark on my walls or put nails into it. This has led to an apartment full of blue tape and 3M hooks a.k.a. my college dorm room. While this is unfortunate, the apartment does have wonderfully high ceilings. You win some you lose some. 

Banksy is well-known for agreeing with my theory that white walls kill creativity, so I wanted to create a little somethin somethin using removable black painters tape to fill the space. However, a thorough search through Home Depot, Michaels and Paper Source led me to believe that no such thing exists. So armed with plebeian masking tape and a jumbo black sharpie, I meticulously colored-in several yards of tape and pulled a poor man's Pygmalion on my wall. I also decided to film the process and set it to happy music because why would you not.
*spoiler pic at the bottom of post*

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