Monday, October 14, 2013


Your daily dosage of contemporary art and design:

"Skinned is an experiment in borrowing confidence, beauty, and protection from other living beings in our world. By applying another being's skin, fur, or quills to a wound, cut, or blemish- one morphs into the donor creature. Porcupine, fish, wolf, rabbit, and crocodile skins were produced to create a dialogue between the bandaid, the user, and the world surrounding them."


My friend Jacob Lenard might possibly have come up with the most enticing way to bandage a wound. Call me a masochist, but sharp objects are all of a sudden a little less fearsome. Made from the actual organic materials mentioned above, see them in practice below (or on his website). 

Thoughts? Is this the new luxe look of medical adhesives? If so, which one would you go for? I've got my eye on the porcupine needles. Sure, additional lacerations may be inflicted, but everyone keeps saying pain is synonymous with beauty (you also gain things?). Talk about insult to injury.

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