Thursday, January 16, 2014


Check out Essentials by MIJLO. The sustainable backpack company (watch their kickstarter here) asked a few "global creatives" to photograph their most essential possessions accompanied by an equally essential bag. I love the idea and found it fascinating to see what people consider "essentials", ranging anywhere from their favorite lip balm to their laptop and keys. Below are a few of my favorites. But above is my own rendition of the project. I took it a step further, however, and asked myself, "If my apartment set on fire, what would I grab to take with me?" Pictured above are a few of my favorite things and, if you care to know, I'll explain why. Pictured from top left and moving clockwise:

  1. The embroidered jacket I bought in Uzbekistan this past summer.
  2. The heaviest book I own: a stunning collection of Gustav Klimt's work, given to me on my 22nd birthday by my grandparents.
  3. A Herm├Ęs bracelet from my mother.
  4. Below that is a textile wood block print from India from my grandfather.
  5. Totally rad Alexander Wang sunglasses (with gold tips) from my mother this past Christmas.
  6. A wooden shuttle I received in the small village outside Luang Prabang, Laos, where I learned to weave on a traditional loom while researching textiles in Southeast Asia. (One heckuva summer)
  7. My favorite piece of jewelry, a Mawi necklace.
  8. A wonderful gold bow made for me by my friend Jessie.
  9. A bottle of Tom Ford's Noir de Noir (my absolute favorite perfumist).
  10. A pair of boots I bought in Ibiza several summers ago, made from Moroccan carpets.
  11. A vintage golden chain link cape my parents gave to me as a graduation present after my senior fashion show.  
  12. Lastly, a leather bag I bought at Portobello Market in London. It's everything I've always wanted in a backpack, and it's lasted through a lot. 

Now for these guys:

What would YOU pack?

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