Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Give It 100

Have you heard of Give It 100? I hadn't until just now when Refinery29 posted this video about LaKeisha. Her story is definitely inspiring and heart-warming, but I also find the greater concept of GiveIt100.com to be incredibly fascinating. 

Created by Karen Cheng after she learned how to dance in a year and her video went viral, Give It 100 encourages people to document 100 days of doing something- anything- and sticking to it. From juggling to weight loss to playing the ukelele, hundreds of people are using this platform as a tool for motivation and dedication. Regardless of whether or not people are watching your videos, you're still being held accountable and giving up would be more of a public surrender than just a private one. 

Check out all the projects here but beware, it can be a time-sucker. What would YOU do for 100 days? I think I would try to make myself do a blog post everyday...

Also this guy is my favorite.

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