Friday, September 27, 2013

How To: Colorful Paper Bunting

Last weekend Ariella and I threw our house warming party, but we needed a lil something special for our entrance way to welcome our lovely guests. Technically, we're not supposed to hang things in the hallway of our building... buuut we have the whole top floor to ourselves so liiiiike whose going to see it?

 The best aesthetic is a Pinterest aesthetic (btw- looking to host a "Wine and Pinterest" party if anyone is interested... it's exactly what it sounds like), so I did my best to make some cutesy bunting that you'd find on an "English Garden Party" board. It's super easy to make and we've decided to leave it up because it's such a wonderful sight to come home to. Warms the heart and cheers the spirits. Or some Pinterest-y saying like that.

P.S. I went to TOWN on the washi tape in my apartment. I can't get enough. It's addicting. Beware. 

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