Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Only Time Its Okay to Put Your Feet on the Table

Earlier this week, I conducted an interview for NYLON. Considering this was the first legit interview I'd ever given, I was afraid. I was very afraid. Okay so yes, it was a phone interview and yes, it was from the safety of my apartment. But still. Baby steps. 

 The morning of the interview, as I was sipping my "focus" tea and twitching uncontrollably, I was perusing TED Talks (as one does) and came across a little nugget of wisdom (and science!) that I actually used before my interview. And guess what? It worked.

Amy Cuddy gave a TED Talks on the power of body language. Now, I'm sure our parents have all grilled into our heads not to slump, cross our arms etc etc during an interview because it sends out messages of disinterest and boredom. But Cuddy discusses the influence your body language has over your own perception of self. If you don't have twenty minutes to watch the talk, that's understandable. But you close out of this to go watch a 30 minute puppy video, let's recheck our priorities (however, if its a puppy emergency, Ariella has some recommendations).  The long story short is that if you stand in power-poses before an interview, your testosterone levels will rise and you will carry yourself with more confidence and self-assurance. Well, count me in! Where were TED Talks when I was in middle school?!?

Twenty minutes before my phone interview, I'm literally walking around my apartment with my arms in the air, putting my leg up on objects Captain Jack-style and attempting to trick my body into thinking that I'm a BO$$. 

When my phone rang, I calmly answered and gave the best first interview of my life.

 Check it out below. Or, you know, don't.
P.S. If you don't watch the video, at least watch the 15 second clip at 1:25. Burrrrrn.

Want more TED Talks? This one is also really good: Jane McGonigal: The Game That Can Give You Ten Extra Minutes of Life 
(Just don't mind her outfit because I honestly cannot explain what she was thinking. Those boots.)

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