Sunday, September 15, 2013

How To: Color Code Keys

The most exciting thing about a new apartment (other than having a place to live) is the set of keys that come with it. However, as much as I love my new neighborhood, I feel as though people can get touchy with newcomers because, well, they were in Williamsburg before it was "cool". And nothing screams newbie like fumbling with your keys at the front door as droves of hipsters scoot by (has anyone else noticed the rise in razor scooters??) (Also, is the active verb "scoot" in this situation? Plz advise.)

But fear no more, new kids on the block! With this nifty DIY project, you can discreetly check which key is which before stepping onto your stoop. People will think you've lived there for years.
 Jokes on them!

P.S.  Bonus points if you match your nails to your keys. Surprisingly, the nail art craze is still alive and well, so don't worry about being passé (for now).

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