Friday, October 4, 2013

Austin City Limits 2013

Today marks the first day of the first weekend of Austin City Limits Music Festival and I could not be more excited to be home for it! This year they're doing TWO WEEKENDS of the same festival. (Where was that idea the last four years when I had to miss every fall W.I.L.D for it??) I chose to go to the first weekend this year so that there will still be remnants of grass on the ground and everything has that fresh, new and exciting feel. And Coolhaus will still have edible paper to eat. 

A Couple of Bands I'm Most Excited For & Why:
MSMR: Lizzy Plapinger's hair.
HAIM: Saw them at SXSW & Governors Ball and the dynamic threesome never gets old. But now that they're "big" the crowd might be a bit more unruly *sigh* *eye roll* ~*over it*~
MUSE: I know, I know. I'm not in 6th grade anymore. But these guys headlined in both 2007 and 2010 and they were phenomenal. I can't explain how powerful the experience is, you just have to go to a Muse concert. 
FOXYGEN: Cool name. Foxes are really on trend right now, ya know.
MAX FROST: Gotta show fellow Austinites some love.
PHOSPHORESCENT: They're from Brooklyn so I figure I'll wave at them and be like, "hey new neighbors" and they'll see me and be like "hey" back. Brooklynites are friendly like that.
THE WILD FEATHERS: Into "The Ceiling."

I've put together a short playlsit of most of my must-sees for the festival (sorry kendrick lamar but no). My father and sister are going to BOTH weekneds so they don't have to worry about scheduling conflicts, but there will defintly be some tough decisions to make today. GAME ON.

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