Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Until The Ribbon Breaks

Monday night I saw Lorde perform at Webster Hall (woo!) and it was as fabulous and amazing and bizarre as you'd expect. She just has the most sophisticated demeanor for a 16 year old. She also kind of  dresses and dances like a witch, but I guess that's part of her allure? 

However, what I also thoroughly enjoyed was her opening act, Pete Lawrie Winfield, a.k.a. Until The Ribbon Breaks. Out of UK, Winfield's music has the sensual overtones of The XX and the jarring synth beats of Massive Attack (not to mention he and his bandmates are incredibly attractive). The weird and somewhat haunting sampling and cutting also reminds me of Bastille's Mixtapes. It was a wise choice for Lorde because it had a chill head-nodding vibe that slowly evolved into more of a full-body sway when Ella took the stage. Although I wish someone had informed the jerks in front of us that Lorde's music at a sold-out concert venue is NOT the time NOR the place for THIS (as adorable as the Mitt Romney/Jim Carrey love child is).
Check out 2025 and Pressue, below. Thoughts?

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